SLYD wines make dazzling pairings at Orto-Santa Monica

Owner/Winemaker Spencer Daley shared his story and his wines at the al fresco dinner in Orto’s beautiful piazza.    

Best Wine

Most popular wine of the evening was the 2015 SLYD Trio.  This lovely blend of Sangiovese, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon is SLYD’s “Big dog in the kennel” and the crowd was truly impressed.  Six years aging made the wine well balanced and yet, it showed signs that it has another 5-7 years to go. You can obtain SLYD Wines by visiting their website – check out their selection and very affordable pricing!

Wine and Food Pairing highlights

The best pairing of the night was the 2016 SLYD Sangiovese paired with Orto’s Home-made Trofie Pasta in a veal short rib ragout.   This aged Sangiovese was great on its own but when you took a sip after a bite of the pasta, the wine was taken to another level and danced with the pasta all around the piazza.  The flavors from the pasta and veal ragout truly brought out some hidden aspects of the wine and took you to far off Italy.  We will be back at Orto in November with another opportunity to let you sample their outstanding cuisine.

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(from l to r)Peter (GWG) with SLYD owner/winemaker Spencer Daley, Orto owner Andrea Inio & Bart (GWG)

Happy guests await the next pairing to arrive

SLYD’s owner/winemaker Spencer Daley addresses the huge crowd at the al fresco wine dinner. Great wine, great food and a lovely evening on the piazza.

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