Wine Tasting dinners are normally at a restaurant and are conducted in a sit-down format (after a welcome reception). The dinner is normally 4 courses and guests remain in their seats throughout the meal. A winemaker or special guest from the winery attends. Each food course is paired with a different wine.

Wine/appetizer events are normally held at private homes, business offices or art galleries. The format is stand-up and circulate with  tables/chairs. Appetizers (either plated or passed) are provided throughout the event and all of the featured wines are available to taste throughout the event. Thus, it is less structured and allows for mingling and networking. A winemaker or winery guest can be in attendance or GWG’s Peter Kerr can conduct the event solo. With Peter hosting the event alone, this allows the wines to come from more than one winery and be a part of a chosen wine theme (California PNO’s vs. Oregon PNO’s).