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Pina Colada Shrimp and Calamari- paired with ’18 Swank n’ Smith Roussanne. What a match!

2015 Laurate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon- featured in one of the pairings

El Rincon Criollo, Swank N’ Smith Wines , an excellent Paso Robles-based winery and Gourmet Wine Getaways (GWG) have created a selection of gourmet wine and food pairings to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own dining room or backyard. 3 convenient Tasting Package options allow your to determine how many pairings you would like to experience. Each pairing consists of a full bottle of wine and a entree-size portion of food, both suitable for sharing. Clients can choose the Tasting Package they wish, the day they want to enjoy the tasting and the time they want to pick-up or have the package delivered (extra charge applies). Each package purchased will also earn one 10% discount certificate, valid on your next order from El Rincon!  GWG will provide each purchaser access to a short, private video hosted by Swank N’ Smith’s owner/winemaker Gregg Smith along with written wine/food pairing notes from GWG’s wine expert Peter Kerr to make your tasting experience even more memorable. And best of all, after all these years, you, the client, will be able to control the pour-a wine taster’s dream!

$35-45 pp. plus tax and gratuity (average package price)

Plus, earn a 10% discount on your next El Rincon order with each Tasting Package purchase

Place your orders Aug 19-31

Enjoy your order Sept 9-19

Pairing    Wine(btl.)                                    Suggested Food Course**
#1         ’18  Roussanne ($40)                        Pina Colada Shrimp & Calamari ($17.99)
#2     ’14 Monarch (GSM) ($40)                     1/2 Garlic Roasted Chicken; rice, plantains, beans ($15.99)
#3     ’15 Laureate Reserve Cab ($65)     Ropa Vieja-Shredded Beef, rice or mashed potatoes ($16.99)                                                                      or Short Ribs Rincon, grilled onions, mashed potatoes ($18.99)

Tasting Package                          Serves**                                       Contents

Private Tasting                                2                   Single pairing plus 1 side dish* or dessert*

Tasting with Friends                      4                   Any two pairings plus 1 side dish* or dessert*

Grand Tasting                                 6                   All three pairings plus 1 side dish* or dessert*

*Side Dish options: Tostones-green plantain slices ($6.50), Chicken or Pork Tamale ($5.50), Ham Croquettes ($5.50). Dessert Options: Homemade Flan or Rice Pudding ($4.50).

** Full, menu-size portions

Wine & Food Pairings “to go”- flexible, tasty & a great value

Who says you can’t take it with you!

Step-by-step instructions for a great experience:

  1. Choose a Tasting Package
  2. Select the pairing(s) you would like (if Pairing 3, chose either food course).
  3. Select a side dish or dessert to complete the package.  A la carte food or wine can also be added for an additional cost.
  4. Choose the date (Sept. 9-19) and time (Noon-8:30 P.M.) you would like to pick-up your order or have it delivered(up to 5 miles=$4, 5-10 miles=$8 delivery charge, is not included). El Rincon, 4361 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City 90230)
  5. Send email to Bart@GourmetWineGetaways.com  on or before August 31, 2020 with the information from Steps 1-4.   Include your name and phone contact.  GWG will confirm receipt of your order.  Note: No online orders or orders placed directly with El Rincon Criollo for this special program.
  6. On or about Sept. 1, 2020, El Rincon will contact each client to verify details of the order and take credit card information. Credit card will be charged including 15% tip.  Once charged, the order becomes non-refundable.
  7. Clients can use a Wine Order Form (provided by GWG) to order additional bottles of these 3 featured wines. Forms will be emailed to clients and must be completed & returned by Sept. 22. These orders will be available for pick-up at El Rincon.

Any questions, call or email Bart at GWG: 310-393-9994; Bart@GourmetWineGetaways.com  .

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