Sheltered in place? Great prices on wine to accompany your “to go” orders at Frito Misto, Santa Monica (& Hermosa Beach)

Wonderful Take Out menu plus reduced prices on all wine. Make your own pairing!

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Great wine/food pairing: Rigatoni Bolognese and Buttonwood Cabernet Franc

Beginning April 8 and lasting till this crisis ends, Fritto Misto is offering a great variety of its wonderful dishes for take out dining.  Additionally, they have reduced the regular, very reasonable prices of all their wines by 25%.  Create your own wine tasting or wine/food pairing to enjoy at home.  As an example, the Rigatoni(or other pasta) Bolognese is a great pairing with the 2016 Buttonwood Cabernet Franc.  This Cabernet Franc is not on their online wine list but is available for just $22 (regular $30).  So, a double entree of the Bolognese plus a bottle of Cab Franc is just $48 plus tax. Single entree and the Cab Franc is $35 plus tax.

The picture shows this exact pairing that I recently enjoyed at home in their very eco and stylish take home container.  It was delicious and the pairing worked very well for me.  Let me know what you think.

Click here for contact info for both locations, take out menu and further details.

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