Rock Wall Wine Co. Winemaker Dinner at Cantalini’s, Playa del Rey

And the Zin goes on!

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Rock Wall Wine Company is but 12 years old, but the history of this great winery goes back 40 years.  Formed by the late Zin-making genius Dr. Kent Rosenblum and his daughter Shauna, Kent taught his wine-making daughter everything he learned in his illustrious career.  The result- a breadth and depth of wines that he would be proud of and that you will love.  Shauna is running the show at Rock Wall and will be in the house as we taste some of her lovely wines and learn, first hand, what makes her a unique and special winemaker.   The menu is under construction and will be available as soon as Cantalini receives permission to have in-house diners return. So, put “July 15- winemaker dinner” on your calendar and check back for all the details. Let your wine and food-loving friends in on this so they can plan to join you.   Chef Lisa will pair her mouth-watering Italian cuisine so we can truly appreciate what these wines have to offer.  Make plans now to join us & keep your fingers crossed!  Meantime, be sure to check out the wonderful take out menu that you can access at their website: Cantalini

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